Tiina's giveaway

Tiina's giveaway
31 Jan

יום שלישי, 3 בינואר 2017

Gifts from Kiev, Ukrain

Dear Readers,

Hello again dear readers.

Baalatova must have cast a spell on my overseas friends.  Most of my Christmas and New Year gifts are for her.  If you saw my previous post you probably understand what I mean.

My very dear friend Tatiana sent these beautiful miniatures and almost all are for Baalatova.

Two beautiful baskets created by Tatiana.  Her first weaving work!!!
Baalatova is going to use both baskets to keep her spare clothes in when she'll get her

Before I had anything to say on the subject Baalatova grabbed the candle and pumpkins.

And then she saw the book,  Mine she cried, Mine!!!

At least Baalatova spared me these beautiful beads, mini newspapers and a beautiful doily.


I wish you all creative and peaceful days with blessings.

יום שישי, 30 בדצמבר 2016

Baalatova and the baby Dragon

Hello dear readers,

A very knowledgeable lady says that every witch needs a dragon for company.  Poor Baalatova met one hatched from the egg, tiny baby dragon on her long, hard limping, way back home but having to use both hands to hold the aiding brooms, she was unable to carry it home with her and was very upset and sad to abandon it.

Imagine Baalatova's immense joy when this stunning baby dragon  arrived.  It was sent to her by our dear friend Birgit.  Baalatova wants to name the baby but has difficulties in picking a name.  Can anyone of you my dear readers please help her?

Baalatova is a specialist when it comes to raising and taking care of a baby dragon.  Not everyone knows it, but according to her, it needs a special diet of nutritious food which only specialist witches possess.  It takes a dragon to grow to its full size about a thousand years.  The babies add only one centimeter a year in length. This is why dragons are almost extinct.

 Meffi the cat and the baby get to know each other.  Meffi is a little jealous of the new pet.

Little baby says goodby to Rosey and Fluby.

And if you know Birgit, then you understand that not only the baby arrived but lots of other wonderful items like her beautiful 2017 caledar, each month with a different unforgettable gorgeous garden scene starring Flutterby and Rosey.

A cute little ginger house, which is going to be a part of my new collection of tiny houses made or and sent by loving hands of generous and very dear friends.

There is also a lovely tree ornament made of olive wood grown in Israel but for sale in Germany only. Can you beat this?


I wish you all a very HAPPY 2017 YEAR and blessings!

(Baby dragon and ginger house made by Birgit.  Meffi the cat made by Tatiana)

יום רביעי, 21 בדצמבר 2016

Hunting for craft supplies

Hello dear readers,

Remember the campers we created some months ago.  Suzy, one of our group most talented member did not finish hers then. Here are some photos of Suzy's finished camper and it's simply stunning.

As I mentioned before, our hobby is not yet well recognized here.  There are no dollhouse miniatures shops to be found and no fairs.  We get some materials from craft stores and do a lot of overseas online purchases but the cost of shipment gets higher and higher all the time making everything very expensive.

A new craft supply shop was opened recently in my town.  Sarit and I went to see what we could find there.  They mostly carried office staff and items for kindergartens and schools.
I found 2 punches with potential use, one is a 1/4" hole punch.  I wanted a smaller hole but they didn't have it.   By coincident, when going out of the store, we passed the central town market and there, on the sidewalk, set two pedlars selling old staff like razor accessories.  We found razor blades which, I personally didn't think they existed anymore. Amazingly, Sarit discovered  a leather punch with 6 different scale holes.  Sarit already had one at home and said it was also good for punching paper so I quickly grabbed it at a very fair price.
We went on to do some digging at another store which carried small trinkets.

Metal boxes that can become miniature sinks, suitcases or little wagons.  The glue dispenser will also be very useful and the 1/4" ticket punch is what I wanted for a long time.

A rocking horse punch.  The tiny rocking horse is just a rough experiment.  I plan to make tiny toys using animal punches.  The idea to glue together several layers of punched out card animals, go over them with jasso and paint.

Found on the sidewalk -

I was pleased to find at the trinket store these (not best quality) Judaic items, complete Books of Psalms (In Hebrew) and Menorah pendants.


יום שישי, 16 בדצמבר 2016

New Plants inspired by our recent group meeting

Hello dear readers,

This week I devoted time to create new plants.  Still under the the impression of our last miniaturists group meeting, and with the help that it's now very cold and rainy outdoors and nice and warm indoors, I sat down to create these time consuming plants.

As long that it keeps rainy and cold outside, I plan to make more, and different, flowers and plants.

I wish you a wonderful warm and cozy weekend with my blessings.

יום חמישי, 8 בדצמבר 2016

Workshop with the local miniaturists group

Hello dear readers,

Finally we were able to meet.  Our hostess was a very lovely and generous lady.  Her home is right in the middle of were we all live which enabled the ladies from the north to attend.  It took us 2 hours to get there and 2 hours to get back.  The traffic in the mornings and afternoon here is one  long jam.
The same happened to our friends from  the north.  We were very happy to meet, chat and laugh together.

This time it was flowers and plants.  I learned a new technique and am very eager to try it as soon as possible.  I'll show you photos when I finish.

Here are some photos from the workshop.

I have the good fortune that my friend Sarit, lives in my town.  Sarit took me by car to Susy who lives in another town.  From there Susy took us in her car to Shosh, our hostess home, another one hour drive. This way we enjoyed the ride chatting and laughing the whole way, not noticing the traffic jams.

All of us are very lucky to have Goldie and Sarit as teachers.  Both are great miniatures artists.

At the end - the swaps.  Fantastic, all of them made with love.

We don't know when and where the next meeting is going to be.  I hope not to far away.

Blessings to all my readers


יום רביעי, 30 בנובמבר 2016

Giveaway winner

Hello dear readers,

Thank you for your sympathetic comments on the disastrous fires in my country.  The fires are extinguished now.  There remains only the tragedy of five hundred homeless families and hundreds of more houses with serious damage.  Very sad but at least, thank God, no loss of lives.

Here is the list of the participants in my giveaway draw, as per order of comments:

1.  Diane.  2. Sheila.  3. Fabiola.  4. Irina.  5. Liliam.  6. Isabel.  7.  May.  8. Genevieve.  9. Sussy.
10.  Tatiana.  11. Piikko.  12. Ana.  13. Yulia.  14. Ayla.  !5. Susanna.  16. Carmen.  17. Melli.
18. Lea.  19. Elena.  20. Minyatur ve Hobi.  Birgit.  22. Pam.  23. Nina.  24. Pilar (18).
25. Rosa Maria.  26. Maria.  27. Teresa.

First of all, before I announce the winner, let me thank you all for taking part in this giveaway.

The winner is Carmen.  Carmen please email me your address and I'll post your parcel so it will get to you, hopefully, before Christmas.

There is also an extra prize for May - Anisnofla.  May, very generously,  sent me a surprise gift which lamentably didn't reach me.  But in view of this very touching gesture I decided to make another fairy house, fairy and birdbath especially for you May.  Dear May,  sweet unexpected gestures like yours are what makes it so special about online friendships. I love being part of this  miniatures blog-globe. Please  email me your address.

Blessing and hugs to all of you my dear online friends.

יום שישי, 25 בנובמבר 2016

Country on Fire

Hello dear readers,

We are going through a very bad time here in Israel.  The combination of dry climate and strong dry winds made it possible for fires to pop up everywhere, from north to south of the country.  Some of the fires due to neglect and many caused on purpose as acts of terrorism.

We are sitting and watching TV and listening to the radio waiting for the news and hoping for the fires to die out.  In my beautiful hometown Haifa, 13 entire neighborhoods were evacuated.  Houses burned down and left a great number of families homeless.  Hundreds of firefighters and lots of firefighting planes are working the last 3 days and nights.  We are very grateful for the help of neighboring countries who sent firefighting planes.

My grand daughter and family were evacuated from their village on the way to Jerusalem.  The village is situated close to a forest which was on fire with  smoke all over the place.  They stayed at
my daughter's home.  Luckily no harm was caused there.

The meeting with our group is scheduled for 7 December.  We are going to have  a flower workshop and I am looking forward for the pleasure and fun of reuniting with the girls.  Meantime, on top of preparing Christmas and Hanukkah gifts I was busy creating a swap for each member of our group. I'll know exactly how many will attend only a day before the meeting and hope these ten pieces will be enough.
It's a little boring to make the same items over and over but this way I can make sure that I don't offer the same gift again.

It's not hard to guess who ate the original balls, it was I.  I ate all 10 but not all at once. Just saved the

 I wish you all a lovely weekend and blessings.